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Group. Inspired.

We started with a simple observation: There’s a lot of creative firepower working on its own in the Adirondacks. And we began to wonder: What if some of those professionals – in communications and public relations, design and digital development, social media and research – came together, so clients could tap all those skills at the same time?

GreatRange is the result.


Creative. Analytical.

Doug Haney

Husband, dad of girls, optimist, storyteller, water lover, cyclist, volunteer, five Olympics, 48 states, 32 countries, genuinely happy

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Doug Haney

Ken Aaron

Writer, reader, listener, joker, worrier, bagel baker, geek.

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Ken Aaron

Jason Smith

Ezra Schwartzberg, Ph.D.

Kelly Hofschneider

Designer, type geek, yogi, zone 3 gardener, spicy food lover

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Kelly Hofschneider

Mark Hofschneider

Musician, Tree-Hugger, Thinker

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Mark Hofschneider


Bases. Covered.

It’s great to know who you are. How you share that story with others is just as important. Whether we’re helping you pin down your brand and messages, building your social media presence from scratch or bringing together all your followers IRL at a can’t-miss event, GreatRange makes sure the world knows you’re as good as you know you are.



Web Design and Development

Event Planning

Social Media

Content Development



Park City
Adirondack Council
The Nature Conservancy
The Wild Center
Adirondack Foundation
Adirondack Action
Cycle Adirondacks


Missions. Accomplished.

What our Clients say

  • Our collaboration with GreatRange has helped the Village of Saranac Lake to approach problems in new ways, develop a vision for what it would like to be in 20 years and identify strategic actions it can take today to implement the vision.

    — Jeremy Evans, Community Development Director
    Village of Saranac Lake —
  • We were in need of an experienced and professional team to be on board from day one to organize, execute and manage our media and event communications for the 2016 U.S. Snowboarding and U.S. Freeskiing Grand Prix hosted at Park City Mountain Resort. GreatRange was that team.

    — Margo VanNess, Senior Manager of Communications
    Park City Mountain Resort —
  • Doug approaches every challenge or opportunity with a positive, can-do attitude and his experience in strategic thinking, creativity and attention to detail combines to drive results.

    — Kelly Ladyga, Vice President,
    Corporate Communications —
  • We needed someone with broad expertise to advise on a long-term project with detailed scientific objectives as well as with many open-ended questions relating to climate change monitoring and management on private lands. Ezra was able to provide us with planning to facilitate our goals.

    — Dr. Larry Master —


28 St. Bernard Street Suite 5
Saranac Lake, NY 12983


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